About us

We are a volunteer group of retired firefighters who have been trained in Mental Health First Aid before becoming peer support team members. We come from a diverse background covering many sections and regions of Fire & Rescue NSW.

The concept was started in August 2015 with three peer support members and has now expanded to over a dozen peer supporters. We have been supporting numerous members, some short-term others are ongoing.

All former employees of Fire & Rescue NSW and their families have access to the program.

Our referrals come from individuals, Manager Health Promotions, Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Occupational Psychologist, family and friends.

We are not counsellors, but can be someone you can talk to and discuss professional help in your local area such as counsellors, psychologist, psychiatrist and other help providers. Your first call is often your G.P.

Statistics tell us that one in five people experience one form or other of mental health illness and reaching out for help is essential to good health.